What is Archives by Silk Laundry?

Lost but not forgotten, Archives by Silk Laundry is the reinvention of ease-of-wear luxury. Curated from the vision of Katie Kolodinski, Archives by Silk Laundry remains true to its mission of providing accessible, quality, silk garments that are consciously designed with environmental impact front of mind. Intent on creating a destination for discovery, the brand continues to evolve every season, creating a unique and diverse experience.

It’s work of the past, worn for the now.

Archives by Silk Laundry was created to give aged, or over-ordered, collections a new chance at life — largely relevant due to COVID repercussions. It exists as an extension of the Silk Laundry brand and remains to deliver timeless silhouettes at a convenient price.

We’re led to believe that fashion is seasonal, that past season silhouettes lose their value upon release of the next.

We don’t conform to this model of thinking. By shopping Archives by Silk Laundry you can re-discover favourite silhouettes from seasons passed at a convenient price.